Article: Ellucian and the Wave of EdTech Buyouts


I'm tagging a great article from Phil Hill on his industry blog "Phil on EdTech" linked here.  Take a read... very good insights on the recent industry shuffle and those to come.

While Instructure’s agreement to be acquired has generated the most interest recently, that company is not alone in having either private equity firms or larger technology companies looking to buy them out. Recently we’ve had a wave of actual and potential buy-outs in a consolidating market trend. Instructure, Civitas, Knewton, Pearson’s K-12 Courseware business, Trilogy, Parchment, Schoology. Berkerey Noyes tracks the M&A markets for education, and their recent report shows the trends of education-related activity. 2017 was the peak in value, with Frontline Education, Capella University, and EAB joining several other large companies. But the number of deals continues to rise.